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Benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C

The vitamin C improves absorption of iron in three ways. Firstly by Preventing the formation of insoluble or unabsorbable iron compounds. It helps keep the iron in the soluble form. Secondly Vitamin C blocks inhibitors like the phylates and polyphenols that hamper absorption such as those found in cereals, pulses, coffee and wine. And finally, Vitamin C has the ability to reduce the amount of ferric iron that is formed, since it is the ferrous form that is required for uptake into the intestinal mucosal cells.

Ferrous+C is specially formulated to be absorbed readily by the body. The improved absorption is achieved in two way. Firstly by utilising the organic form of iron – ferrous gluconate, and secondly by the inclusion of an absorption enhancer– Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin C is an absorption enhancer
  • Keeps iron soluble
  • Blocks inhibitors
  • Reduces ferric formation

Why it is important to absorb iron from your iron supplement

When the body can not absorb all the iron in an iron supplement, there is the potential for side effects to become more apparent. Large doses of iron may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. These side effects are extremely common and have been reported to occur in up to 20% or more of patients (ref 5). The main complaints with iron supplements include nausea, vomiting and most commonly constipation, and are related to the amount of elemental iron taken. Experiencing these side effects can be distressing for customers, and as a result, compliance with oral iron administration may be low.

Common side effects from poorly absorbed iron

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation

Ferrous+C is the ideal supplement to help maintain healthy iron levels

Formulated with the highly absorbable ferrous gluconate, and combined with the absorption enhancer, ascorbic acid Ferrous+C supports optimal iron levels, without the unpleasant side-effects.

The easy to swallow capsules release iron into the body via the stomach reducing the likelihood of gut disturbances and comes in a convenient monthly supply.

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