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Why Ferrous Gluconate Is Better For Your Body

Why Ferrous Gluconate Is Better For Your Body

Iron is an essential mineral for our bodies – Essential minerals are those that all your cells use to survive. The body cannot make iron, so you need to get it from food. When we consume iron-rich foods, the body uses, or stores the iron in the blood cells, as well as in muscles and bones. If there isn’t enough stored, or when your iron levels become too low a range of health issues can develop.

Iron’s main role is in the red blood cells, where it helps make a protein called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood that moves from your lungs, to all your cells in the body so they can work properly.

Low iron (causes & why)

Causes of low iron

  • Inadequate dietary intake
  • Poor absorption of dietary iron
  • Excessive blood loss
  • Poor absorption of dietary iron
    • IBS,
    • coeliacs,
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Gastric bypass surgery

Some people need more iron than others, and because your body can not make iron itself, we must ensure the body’s stores are replenished, especially when dietary intake is inadequate or during times of increased demand.

Medications and other supplements can also interfere with dietary iron absorption. Antacids can bind up the iron so it is not absorbed, some reflux medicines change the stomach’s acidity, calcium can either bind the iron, or proteins of calcium rich foods and drinks inhibit absorption. Zinc and aluminum in multivitamin supplements also interfere with iron absorption.

Foods and food combinations can interfere with how much dietary iron the body can access, with phylates in beans, cereals and pulses being known to form complexes with iron, stopping it from being absorbed.

Ferrous +C

Ferrous+C with ferrous gluconate, enhanced with ascorbic acid delivers the ferrous form of iron to the body, optimising the iron absorption and minimising the likelihood of side effects.

There are two factors that determine how much iron you get from either diet or a supplement. The amount of iron (found on the label) AND the iron’s bioavailability. Determining bioavailability can be challenging because it is affected by a variety of factors; your existing iron stores, what the iron is taken with and even whether you are stressed or unwell.

Ferrous+C is specially formulated to be absorbed readily by the body. The improved absorption is achieved in two way. Firstly by utilising the organic form of iron – ferrous gluconate, and secondly by the inclusion of an absorption enhancer– Vitamin C.

Inorganic mineral forms such as oxides, sulfates, and carbonates are cheap but are not used as efficiently by the body as organic forms. Organic iron on the other hand exist as a stable complex, so is less likely to cause gastric irritation on entering the acidic environment of the gut, is less likely to bind and block other dietary components and, being a neutral form, is more readily transported across the intestinal wall and better absorbed into the body.

The easy to swallow capsules release iron into the body via the stomach reducing the likelihood of gut disturbances and comes in a convenient monthly supply.

Ferrous+C for is ideal for those who are seeking a readily absorbed iron supplement to support energy levels, the development of healthy blood cells, and help them maintain their vitality with healthy iron levels.

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